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global procurement
Reductions in global procurement costs flow directly to the bottom line.

Modern-day global procurement comes with multi-faceted challenges – tight deadlines, risk and bottom lines all play a role.

Provident’s team draw from vast experience to simplify your purchasing process.

We deal with real-time issues such as delivery timetables, manufacturing or shipping delays, order processing and any other potential problems during the purchase order, so you don’t have to.

Intense competition in the marketplace forces organisations to look at new and innovative ways to meet expectations continually.

Our procurement services assist our clients in addressing these requirements. We tailor our process to fit each clients’ individual needs.

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Provident specialize in identifying non-conforming procedures and equipment in real-time.

Onsite correction provides our customers with a means of achieving significant reductions in overall operating costs.

During the preparation and qualification of equipment/material, many variables contribute to quality issues including:

  • Personnel training
  • Tight deadlines
  • Limited inventory
  • Pressure on profitability

As a result, the client may assume risks which are mainly outside of their control.

Suppliers often make bold claims about their facilities, equipment, production capacity, and internal quality control procedures to win your business.

Typically, the only way to verify such claims is to visit your supplier and observe their capabilities firsthand.

Provident does precisely this, using this procedure as a starting point in dealing with our suppliers to quantify a suppliers’ level of professionalism and production capabilities.

Our auditors and QC engineers identify manufacturers that are fully capable of producing the products we offer but who also emphasise operating within all applicable local laws and international labour standards.

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At Provident, we have the expertise in designing the distribution network for the total supply chain to reduce lead-time.

Implementing modern supply chain management methods and techniques to improve delivery times.

We work with companies in diverse industries and markets to move, manage, and distribute the goods that underpin global commerce.

Provident provides logistics-related services in emerging markets that facilitate trade and create access to new opportunities.

Our dynamic and skilled workforce responds to customer’s orders and inquiries with dedicated speed and accuracy.

Our personnel can manage not only the transport of your goods according to your needs but also prepare the necessary documents for customs clearance.

We offer competitive pricing solutions to the toughest and most remote areas in the world.

With many years of hands-on experience in the field and practical management of logistical nightmares, we’ve built up a network to get anything delivered, under any circumstances anywhere.