PEX is a less expensive, easier to use version of copper. It’s easy to use, and durable, plus nobody wants to steal a PEX pipe off your wall to resell as scrap.  Although you need a special tool to install fittings, it’s still faster than soldering copper.

Half inch PEX tubes cost roughly a third of what its copper counterpart does and rolls up which makes it easier to transport or ship. And the best of all, it doesn’t corrode and is unaffected by acidic water. 


Brass, engineered plastic and copper PEX fittings available for any size project. Standard size fittings available as well as OEM and made-to-order sizes.
PEX pipe
PEX  (cross-linked polyethylene) pipes or tubes is a flexible, non-corroding fast to install pipe that is shipped and stored on spools.