Plastic Products

Quality plastic products are the result of good product design, R&D, sales & marketing, logistics, quality control and quality assurance. We provide you with only the best quality and support throughout the entire process.

Plastic products - HDPE

Known for its versatility, processability, low cost and recyclability. One of the most widely used types of plastics in a multitude of industries including mining, automotive, agriculture, building & construction etc. Whatever your application we have the HDPE product for you.



Plastic products - PVC
Alongside PET and PP the most commonly used plastic in the world. Generally used in building and construction but also popular with specific healthcare applications. If it’s PVC you’re after we have what you need.
Plastic products - Irrigation supplies
Our irrigation supplies are currently exported to 30+ countries around the world. Dedicated to manufacturing world-class quality for both commercial and household applications. Industries we service include agriculture, mining, greenhouses, sports stadiums and household gardening.


Plastic products - PP
Polypropylene – the superhero of all plastics. Its characteristics make it ideal for strong, robust products ranging from high-pressure compression fittings to car bumpers.


Plastic products - PEX
Cross-linked polyethylene (PEX) – Abrasion resistant, high melting points and environmental stress crack resistant. We specialize in PEX pipe and fittings.